Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Start of the Race

The Formula 1 season officially started over the weekend at Bahrain. We weren't able to watch the live telecast of the qualifying session at 7pm Saturday night because we went to our friend's birthday dinner. But we were just in time for the 3am replay on Star Sports when we got home. Was tired from the long night but totally ecstatic when Vettel got P1. First pole for the first qualifying round, not bad at all!

I was so excited for day's race and so was the husband because Massa was 2nd on the grid for race day. Vettel got a good start and maintained his lead but unfortunately during lap 33 due e to some mechanical problems he was overlapped by Alonso, Massa and Hamilton. I wanted to just stop watching the race and surf the net to do some MP3 Search but I was so worried Rosberg who's in 5th place might overtake Vettel again. Although Vettel defended his 4th place, he failed to get a podium finish. He could have won that race. It was so frustrating. But we have 18 races to go so hopefully this is just a one-time thing for their car. Hopefully, they'll fix everything in time for the Australia GP by the last week of March.

Other happenings on the Bahrain GP:
  • first leg of the season, new scoring, new rules - no more refuelling and pit stops where done for changing of wheels
  • of the new teams - HRT, Lotus and Virgin - only Lotus drivers (Heikki and Trulli) finished the race
  • Schumy returns to F1 although it wasn't a BIG comeback because he didn't get to the podium, he finished 6th
  • 2009 champion Button finished 7th behind Schumy, another 2 - 3 races like this and Button will be forgotten, a lot of people will be convinced he didn't deserve to win last year's championship
  • Hulkenberg is a cutie hehehe


Anna said...

Hahaha, grabe Cris napag-iwanan mo na talaga ako on F1, this all sounds like jibberish to me. on FB the other day, I asked my friend pa, "What does Schumy mean?" she was all - "Sacrilege, Anna!!!" hahaha

cris said...

That is so funny, Anna! But do you now know what Schumy means? It's short for Schumacher - yes the legend is back to race! So everyone's just more excited this season. Visit the F1 website for updates:


開心唷 said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩

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