Sunday, May 16, 2010


After four safety car deployments, Mark Webber finally finished first in the Monaco GP. I wasn't able to blog about the Spanish GP, which Mark won too. (We attended Charline and Allan's wedding during race day although I was able to watch the replay of the race the next day.) So it was a back-to-back win for Mark. I'm a little bit pissed that he won two times in a row but at the same time I'm quite relieved that depsite his two wins, he and Vettel are tied in first place in the drivers championship - both drivers have 78 points already. And Vettel was still very fortunate to have won podium finishes for the last two races, 3rd and 2nd respectively.

Anyways, Monaco GP is just a sight to behold. All those wealthy people and celebrities, this year included Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, which might probably also include CEO/President of some business phone systems company or of other companies. Aside from this, because of the race being on actual streets with tight corners and narrow tracks, the race is always accident prone. As I've mentioned the SC was deployed 4 times - Hulkenberg's accident, Barichello's incident, a loose drain cover on the street, and Trulli and Chandok's accident. The last SC deployment brought all cars to the checkered flag, although Schumi was still able to nick 6th place from Alonzo. After 6 races, Vettel is now leading in the drivers championship although techinically Webber is the first because of his two wins.

Bahrain GP - P1 qualifying, 4th place race day
Australian GP - P1 qualifying, DNF race day
Malaysian GP - P3 qualifying, 1st place race day
Chinese GP - P1 qualifying, 6th place race day
Spanish GP - P2 qualifying, 3rd place race day
Monaco GP - P3 qualifying, 2nd place race day

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