Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Full-Packed Friday

It was holiday for us last Friday because of Labor Day (Yes, we're unlike the rest of the labor force in the Philippines who had their holiday the Monday after May 1). But I didn't spend it at home doing nothing. I moved my butt before lunch time to meet up with Joy (thankfully she was on leave) at Greenbelt and then we went to her cousin-in-laws clinic Derm and Beyond. See I've been going back and forth to two different dermatologists the past couple of months because of a white spot around my chin area. I'm sure you've noticed it in a few of my photos posted here in my blog. And the two dermatologists just gave me anti-fungal creams and have been asking me to come back to check it again. Well, it came to a point that the white spot is annoyingly disturbing and a lot of people have been asking me about it. I had an inkling that it might be vitiligo (yes, Michael Jackson's skin disorder) so I did a little research online. And it was mentioned in one of the sites that most people with vitiligo experience depression. So after reading that I wanted to go to a derma who I can ask comfortably about what vitiligo really is. Fortunately, Kuya Ogie, Joy's cousin-in-law was very easy to talk to. He instantly told me that it is vitiligo and then he told me what treatment can be done and then he asked all my other questions about it. Now, I can stop worrying and just do what Kuya Ogie told me to do. Believe me, I was so depressed last Thursday night that I told my husband we should relocate to the province in case the white spots begin to spread all over my face. Hopefully, the treatment will take effect in a couple of months. I'm praying it will!

It wasn't just me who had an appointment with Kuya Ogie, Joy had her warts removed and then her mom had diamond peeling. After the visit to the derma, we were all feeling beautiful again. Joy had to bring her mom home first because we were going to watch Iron Man 2 that night. Well actually we just brought her mom to the shuttle service that will bring her home. And then we picked up Mek in Magallanes. By the time we were at Glorietta, Kyla was already starving and Joy had to have her coffee so we had a light snack at Starbucks. We were actually in Greenbelt around 5pm to buy the tickets but the only available screening that night was 12:30am. Good thing the 9:30pm screening at G4 was still available. After our snacks, we went to Teenzone because Joy wanted to buy something for Miguel. While going around, we found these cute tees. And Joy and I each got one Little Miss Fighting Maroon.

Photo from here

Kyla asked one for her too so Joy got one for her school as well. Mek got inggit so he got himself a shirt too with this print.

Photo from here

Unfortunately the only other shirt that's left is the one on display. I didn't want to get that for Joema because I thought the print looked a little faded already. Although Joy told me to buy it anyway because Joema will surely be envious. True enough when we showed him our shirts he was asking if I bought him one. So sorry, maybe next time.

We had dinner after our little shopping spree. Joema arrived just in time for dinner at -- wait for it -- T.G.I. Friday's haha! And then it was time for Iron Man 2. The cinema was jampacked! We were seated at rows 3 and four at the left most corner of the cinema. We were straining our neck to get a good look. Fortunately, the movie was so good our location inside the moviehouse didn't really bother us. Maybe, we should just watch it again.

Photo from here


Anna said...

I wanna get one of those tees for my son! Hahaha, alamo ba kami rin recently, we ate at a TGIFs. And buti ka pa you saw na Iron Man! I heard it's just as good, if even better, than the first movie!!!

cris said...

Kaso for the boys walang "Little" yung print. Ay teka I'm not sure pala if they do have shirts for little boys hehe. Watch Iron Man na! I actually liked it better than the first one. And wait until the end of the credits ha..

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