Monday, June 28, 2010

My Boy is Back!

After the Malaysian GP, Vettel has finally won again! Yippeee!! Not to say that the race was an easy one for him because Lewis was always right behind him.

We weren’t able to watch the qualifying round because we went to a wedding (more about that on a separate post). We were ablet to watch the replay but only the last few minutes of Q3. Good thing there are always the highlights and it was finally a good qualifying for Vettel, he was the fastest man on all three rounds (from Q1 to Q3)!

I wasn’t really expecting much during the race because Vettel hasn’t converted any of his poles into wins. So I was really pleasantly surprised that he was able to keep his lead even after the safety car deployment. Here are my comments on other the other drivers during the race:
* It was a shame the Ferraris weren’t able to keep their lead after their piststops.
* What a horrible horrible accident Webber got into! But this was a testament to how safe the F1 cars are, Webber came out of the accident unscathed.
* What race for Kamui Kobayashi! That driver has so much potential. He was able to keep Jenson at bay on 4th place until he went to the pits and then he was able to get 6th place after overtaking Alonso and Buemi during the last lap!

The next race - British GP- is two weeks from now. Hopefully, Vettel will win again (he won the British GP last year). For now, I'm off researching on Link Building.

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