Monday, July 12, 2010


Yesterday’s race was like a roller coaster ride. Vettel started at the first of the grid and within a few seconds from the start of the race he was way beyond the back of the pack. Webber was first by the first corner and then it was downhill from there for Vettel. I don’t know how it happened but he ended up with a blown rear end tire, had to go to the pits and was 87 seconds behind the race leader, his teammate Webber. There was almost a time during the race that Webber was going to overlap him. But thank God for a good strategy from the team – just one pit stop, that one pit stop during the first lap – and Vettel’s aggressive driving he ended up 7th place by the time the checkered flag was wave.

Yes, it was a disappointing start but after all that has happened, I’m still happy with the 7th place. I won’t even talk about the controversial front wing that Vettel used because you know me, I’m always behind Vettel – just like Red Bull who’s pretty obvious they are backing Vettel more than Webber. Which is why some people called Webber’s win a vindication. Yeah whatever hahahaha! And oh it was fun seeing the four German drivers fighting for position by the end of the race – Vettel, Sutil, Schumacher and Hulkenberg! The commentators were saying that what would be going through Schumi’s mind because these younger German drivers were all inspired to race because he was a great driver during his time, and then now they are driving against each other. Maybe these drivers should get an Acupuncture Murrieta to relieve their stresses after the race and be ready for the next one. Next race will be the German GP, can’t wait!

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