Thursday, July 08, 2010

First Ultrasound

It was Thursday last week when I bought a home pregnancy kit and tested positive. Before I bought the kit, I was thinking of a bunch of things about being pregnant – who will be my OB, when will I buy pregnancy clothes, etc. etc. When I got home, I waited for my hubby to come home before I did the test. We actually had dinner first and then I did the test. I remember looking at the kit and seeing the urine going up the lithmus paper and showing the two lines almost instantly after I dropped the last drop of urine on the kit. And then I felt nothing – nada! Maybe I was overwhelmed with the feeling, maybe I was nervous. When I showed it to my husband, he hugged me and he was smiling from ear to ear. I think it took a few minutes before the news started to settle within me. Then I started smiling and started planning again about the pregnancy. Should I go to the OB immediately, when should we tell our friends?

The morning of Friday I went to our office clinic to ask for a pregnancy test. They’ve asked me to pee in a cup and then told me that the results will be released in the afternoon. I couldn’t bear to not tell anyone so I asked Joema if I can tell my closest friend here at the office. And so I told Rhoda and then asked her a bunch of questions.

In the afternoon I had to call our clinic to ask for the result. The nurse told me she’ll follow up with their laboratory and that she'll call me again. When I received her call, this is how our conversation went:

Nurse: “Ma’am ano pong libre nyo sa min?”
Me: “Huh?”
Nurse: “Blowout nyo po sa min dahil sa result. Negative po.”
Me: “Negative?”
Nurse: “Ano po bang gusto nyong result? Hehehe (maybe she sensed my disappointment) Positive po. First baby po ba?”
Me: “Ah oo. Thank you!”

I was so excited about the result I immediately hung up the phone. I had to call her back again to ask if I can get the result (a paper with the word “Positive”) from the clinic. I didn’t set an appointment with our clinic’s OB coz I wanted to have the lab result as well before I go to an OB. Our OB was only there during the morning. So I told Joema if we can just go to Megaclinic after office and have a check-up with an OB there.

I was at the Megaclinic around 6:30pm and got my number for my checkup with the OB. Joema just arrived in time before the OB called in my name. She just gave me my due date based on my last menstrual period and scheduled me to have an ultrasound.

While waiting for my turn at the ultrasound machine. My hubby and I called our parents to tell them the good news. Funny coz my hubby was so so anxious why it’s taking so long to get me to the ultrasound and he so wanted to tell someone the news. I was telling him we should wait first after the ultrasound before we tell anyone else. But he went on and texted our friends and asked if they were free for the night. He wanted to celebrate immediately after the ultrasound. Unfortunately, most of them were not free so we scheduled the celebration the next day. It was funny coz I’m usually the one who’s eagerly anxious and he’s the one who’s calm and collected – we were the total opposites that night, role reversal talaga!

When I was called in, the doctor first showed me my ovaries and then looked if there were any abnormalities in there. Then she asked Joema to come in when it was time to see the baby. We saw the baby’s heartbeat which was at 118, which the doctor says was normal at this time. So cute coz there it was a small oblong thingy with a heartbeat – it’s he/she is alive!

We didn’t get the ultrasound report immediately after so we had dinner first and had to come back for the result. The next few days were spent celebrating with family and friends and letting everyone know the good news!

Now, I'm stuck here at home because I have a stiff neck since yesterday morning. But I'm feeling much better now, don't worry!


Anna said...

I love your first ultrasound entry! Kakakaba noh, parang shet where do we start preparing! Am so looking forward to going through your pregnancy "journey" with you - kahit online lang! Email ka lang if may questions ka about being bundat ha, baka I can help! Ayan na ang aches and pains hahaha. But super worth it naman!!!

cris said...

Thanks, Anna! I'm going through all your bundat posts and taking down notes hehehe. I'll email when I have questions or post a comment in your blog :)

Ria Hazel said...

wow!Congrats! :) lots of love. :)

cris said...

Thanks, Ria! :)

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