Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas with the Ex

As soon as December came, Christmas parties are already lined up. The first Christmas party I attended was the annual Kris Kringle of my previous department. Yes, even old colleagues are invited to join. How I miss these peeps!

One of the games was bato-bato-pick! Each of us brought P20 then we’re told to find a partner. We need to play against our partners and whoever wins will get the P20 and play against the other pair’s winner. Until the last two winners play against each other (each with their winnings of P20 bills). I thought at first, it was corny. But it was really fun, and, surprisingly, exciting. The winner won P380 just like that! The last two contenders battling for the pot money haha!

Another game is guessing the title of the song. But instead of just saying it out loud, each group has to form the title with the words given to us. And then has to continue singing the song. They mistakenly included too many “the’s” in their title haha!

Of course, the party wouldn’t be complete without the exchange gift! Here we all are with our gifts from our mommies! Happy people!

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