Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crib for our Bambini

8 January 2010

Last Saturday, our friends in cohorts with Joema surprised me with a “baby shower”. I put it in quotes because it wasn’t a formal one. They all just trooped to our condo and presented us with their gift – a crib! Imagine my surprise and delight!

Anyways, the plan was Joema and I will bring stuff back to our condo in the morning and then proceed to the Carter’s outlet store in Bel-air Makati afterwards. A few minutes after we arrived, Heili, Tric and Luigi came. Their excuse was they wanted to come with us to Carter’s. I didn’t have any inkling then because truthfully the day before, I was asking Heili if it was worth it to go to Carter’s. Because that day (Friday), Joema and I went to SM to buy a few things for Bambini. My husband even had an excuse for staying in instead of eating out for lunch – he was watching a Lakers game. So I let him be because I know how much he missed our place and our cable haha! And then the de Castros came too! Although Joy’s excuse was they also wanted to go to Carter’s hmmm.. I don’t know about that. But my antenna must’ve been turned off that particular moment because I still didn’t get it. I figured, they wouldn’t throw a baby shower because they didn’t have anythign with them (no wrapped gifts or paperbags). Then Joema and Tric went downstairs, Don’t have any idea why. And then when they came back, they were carrying this huge box. Joy started singing “happy birthday” which made me more confused haha! Luigi helped me open the gift, but we weren’t even half way through, just the bottom of the box peaking out and still shows no sign of what’s inside the box, Luigi said “see, it’s a crib!” ahahaha! Although in the picture below, we've tore off most of the gift wrapper.

We had fun letting Joema set up the crib. My husband had no idea how to. With all the excitement, he didn’t even read the manual first before proceeding with the set-up. Mek, who's a dad of two, was laughing at him watching him do it.

Well, apparently Heili was planning a big surprise baby shower for me that was supposed to happen last 18th December, during our Christmas party. They invited my mother, mother-in-law, my college barkada and friends from work. But since it was the Christmas season, everyone had their calendars already blocked off, and the plan didn’t push through. So that’s why they gave Christmas gifts to our baby girl. And then they replanned it for when Epoy was here but I think some people were still not available so it didn’t push through as well. So they finally planned for it to coincide with my birthday. The plan was to give stuff for the baby much like what my other friends did. That was why Joema didn’t want to buy stuff for the baby yet. I was insisting on buying things for Bambini already because I was already panicking, I think I won’t reach my 40th week before givign brith (I secretly hope I’ll give birth on my birthday). So Joema had to tell them to move the date earlier, that’s why they ended up going to our place last Saturday and apparently their plan changed too because they just pooled their funds and bought us this fantastic gift for our baby!

Group pics..

Here's the crib..all set-up in our bedroom. Thanks, you guys! I'm sure Bambini will love it!

*All photos except the last one were taken by Tric's IPhone 4, the last one taken by my camera phone. My husband completely forgot to bring a camera even if he knew they were coming to bring the gift. Hay! I was bugging him for a while asking him why he forgot. Atleast we still have photos we can show Bambini in the future.

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