Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miya's First Two Months

Well, she's a little over two months now but I haven't blogged about her 1st and 2nd month "birthday". For her first month, since February doesn't have 30 days we celebrated on the 28th. We had a simple celebration at home, it was just us three and Miya's yaya.

For her 2nd month, my family came over for pizza, spaghetti and cake.

Some milestones:
* she now plays and interacts with us
* she gets fussy when I read her book Gus Gastos (we think she dislikes Gus or the monster or the fact that it wasn't really a children's book but a freeby from Oishi hahaha)
* she looks at the camera when her picture's taken
* she can hold her head up while burping or when you carry her facing you
* she can be carried with her back against me and looks everywhere around her
* she loves looking at lights and fascinated with the ceiling of the building elevator
* she falls asleep when carried in her sling
* she kicks and scratches you when she's fussy haha
*she very recently learned to thumbsuck (because the mittens are now gone), actually she sucks her whole hand hehe

Recent photos of our darling little angel..

...after drinking her vitamins..

...smiling at her pedia..

..after her bath.

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