Sunday, June 03, 2012

Girls Night Out

We had our “unusual” girls nightout last Friday. I say unusual because we don’t really go out, just us girls. We usually meet up together with our husbands and kids, aside from Ja who’s still single.

We should actually do this more often. Ever since I gave birth, I haven’t really had a “me” time. I’m usually attached to my baby as she is still breastfeeding. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy breastfeeding her. But to keep me sane, I also need those times that I have to be away from her. These night outs are the best for that. As they say, happy mommy, happy baby and happy wife, happy life.

We had dinner at Persian Grill

Night cap with some coffee and cake. No booze hahaha!

I miss these times that I get to go out and just have dinner with friends. Although this time around, I keep on looking at my watch and thinking if my baby has fallen asleep already haha. Mother’s instinct kicks in every once in a while. And I think, old age kicks in too. We were all a bit sleep by the time we went our separate ways and this was only past 11pm hahaha. Mommy mode ON.

Day 24 of 30 (x2)

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