Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How's the F1 Season So Far

It has been a frustrating season for Vettel fans like me. Out of the 10 races, he has only won once. Well, the only two drivers who has won more than once are Alonso and Webber who are currently numbers 1 and 2 in the driver’s championship. Vettel is third with 110 points (Alonso has 154). 

Not so good season so far

With the season halfway done, it is still possible for Vettel to win the championship but I’m hoping he’ll start winning races. Sor far, it has been a disappointing season for him although I think he has really matured as a driver. I think now his main goal is to get significant points every race and not just winning the race. There's a difference because previously, if he wanted to win he will really push it and sometimes it ends in a disaster (accidents, DNF). But this time, I think he's really careful not to get in contact with other cars and careful with his tires to get optimum points if ever it's no longer possible to win the race. It has been a  very interesting season. Anyone could win it because all the cars are at par with each other. Well not anyone but the best driver will win it. Unlike in previous seasons where the team with the best car (not necessarily best driver) won the championship, this year the driver really will win it for the team. So I’m really hoping Vettel will start to win races and show his brilliance as a driver. Go go go!

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