Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Life in Bullets

Wow, it's already July! Where did the days go? Here's what's happening in my (and my family's) life the past few days:

  • I attended a seminar on Credit Analysis last week. It was very educational. Not only did I learn a lot that I can apply in my work, the things taught to us can also be applied to my personal life. Always check your cashflow! Ang pambayad sa utang galing sa cash and not from your income! Those are two different things!
  • On our last check-up with Miya's pedia, he said in passing that Miya did not gain that much weight. This has actually gotten me worried. I already started to supplement her milk (still breastmilk) with soymilk. After a week of trying it, she's now drinking a glass of soymilk everyday together with her two bottles of breastmilk while I'm away. Yay! The first week she tried soymilk, she didn't like it. We actually bought a vanilla-flavored soymilk. She didn't want to taste it. After smelling the milk, she'll push away the glass. So after a week, I switched to regular flavored soymilk, slowly she tried it. She didn't like it at first but she had no other choice. During early evening, when I'm still not home she will ask milk (didi) from her yaya. I told yaya to show her what's inside our ref and tell Miya that's the only thing we have left. She actually points to our ref if she wants milk while I'm away. Eventually, she learned to drink soymilk from a glass. Yaya was afraid to put it in her bottle because in the first few days she tried it, the following day Miya will not drink from her bottle even if the content is breastmilk and not soymilk. In line with this, I'm thinking of weaning her on and off. I mean, there are days that I think I'm ready to wean her but there are days that I just love breastfeeding her and decide that we should do it when she's ready. I don't know really. 
  • Some problems with our current yaya. Not anything regarding Miya but with her money and family problems. I hate it that it's affecting me. She doesn't return to us on the agreed day she will return on her days-off because of her personal problems. Hay! I don't bother my employer with my personal problems so why should I be bothered with my employee's personal problems. Kainez! I've actually asked Miya's first yaya if she's willing to return. She said yes but we agreed on a salary increase. I don't want to jinx it by announcing it. But will you pray with me that this will push through? I've realized I love our first yaya so much. She has set the bar so high for the other yayas who followed her. With her, I'm kampante in every aspect. I promised myself I won't be bothered anymore if Miya sometimes wants to be with her more than with me and if they're super close. I realized, I'm more happy with that that my yaya is really taking care of my daughter and is actually concerned with her and not just look at it like it's just her "job".
  • Another Miya update - she's really really talkative now. When we hand her our phone she will put it on her ears and say "Ewow!" with the tone that you use when you say Hello but the other line doesn't hear you. LOL! And she'll do this again and again. The grandparents are so happy because she talks now when we call them. Hay, my little daughter the charmer.
  • We're looking into having her checked up by an allergologist. Her atopic dermatitis is acting up again. It's been this way for a few weeks now. The flareups will go away but will come back in another part of her body. If you have noticed, in most of her pictures she's wearing a longsleeve top and pajammas with socks. She's covered all over because we don't want her to scratch. If I can only take all those itchiness away. I pray everyday that she'll get well soon.
  • What is up with Vettel??? He has been on pole for the last two qualifying in the last three races but was not able to convert it to a win. Well, atleast in the last race (British GP) he was finally back at the podium - 3rd place. This year is very exciting just like in 2010! I think it will be a competition until the last race. I'm really liking Alonso this year. Might be because I'm following him on Twitter haha! I'm also following Hamilton but Alonso updates more often. It feels like Alonso really updates his fans on Twitter - he tweets when he's on training, after his meeting with his engineers, after practice session, before and after qualifying, before and after a race. I actually get updated on when the next race is from his tweets. I used to print a calendar of the races but now I just rely on his tweets. Unlike Hamilton who only tweets when he wins haha!     

I'll try to blog a more meaningful post next time. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you! 


M said...

i had the same problem with our first yaya. okay sana siya, magaling magluto, kaya lang everytime uuwi parating ang daming reason para mag-extend sa kanila. ang daming problema :( sometimes it is really hard to manage them, wala lang tayo magawa because we depend on them :9

cris said...

correct! ang hirap naman pagalitan dahil baka bawian yung bata pag wala na tayo, di ba? haaay...

~currant7 said...

for her skin, did you try some of the Mustella Line or PhysioGel Intensive Creams?

cris said...

Hi Cheryl! We're using Mustela now for her.

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