Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Math and F1

Saw this tweet from Red Bull Racing a few minutes ago:

I wish I knew F1 when I was a fresh college grad. I think I would have applied for this position. Even though it's in far away Milton Keynes. I will still try. Oh my, just imagining it I'm feeling so giddy hahaha. Look at the tasks involved for this position:

The successful candidate will develop skills in problem solving, creativity, teamwork, planning, innovation and communication whilst performing the following tasks:
• Provide real-time support to the trackside engineering team from the factory, during race and test events.
• Assist with post-event strategy and competitor analysis.
• Develop analysis methods and techniques.
• Develop software applications to assist data analysis.
• Assist with ad-hoc competitor and business analysis tasks, liaising with numerous departments around the company.
Oh my gosh!I will be able to work side by side with Vettel! Imagine combining the two things I love! I will probably not tire of going to work every singe day. Seriously, over the weekend while watching the race I even commented to Joema that I wish Miya would study engineering and be fascinated with F1 and then she can apply in one of the teams. Hay, if only this happened twelve years ago, I would have tried my luck. But 12 years ago, Vettel was not racing yet. Oh well, I would have been rooting for another driver so I'll stalk his team's twitter account website as well hahaha. 

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