Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy 4th to Us

I was supposed to blog about our anniversary on our actual anniversary with photos of our wedding but I was to busy to do it. Hence, the belated post but that's okay atleast I have photos (a collage) of what we ate that night hehe.

I'm the only one who ate dessert - Sebastian's cookie dough ice yummy!
Again, as I've mentioned in my post yesterday I got kilig prepping for this date. Not that I had any other special thing done, I only retouched my office makeup (yep we're both coming from the office because we can't take a leave off work so near our vacation - more on that on my next post!) BUT I wore heels! hahaha! Hubby often tells me he never sees me wear heels. I don't even try to wear heels when we're with Miya. When we're going to work he only sees me in flats because I change to my heels once I'm in the office. So even if we had to walk from my office building to Podium, I wore my heels just to show him heeheehee. I was also wearing a dress that day. Yun nga lang the way he noticed it, he said "Parang ang tangkad mo ngayon!" Ay sus! Lalaki talaga! Men are really from Mars hahaha! Akala ko pa naman mapapansin nya that I'm wearing my heels (and my legs!) the moment I stood up from where I was seating. He noticed it naglalakad na kami to Podium. But that's okay. I guess being married for four years, I have learned to let go of those tiny things. I would have thrown a tantrum at him for not noticing during our single days, but not anymore. In my anniversary card for him, I said "Thank you!" {Well, side story: it's so hard to find a greeting card for anniversaries! Most of the cards are Christmas cards already so I had to make do with a generic card hahaha!} I listed all the things I was grateful to him. Lastly, I thanked him for marrying me four years ago. Happy 4th anniversary, honey!


~currant7 said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary to the both of you! May you have many more anniversaries to come!!

cris said...

Thanks Cheryl! :)

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