Monday, June 03, 2013

Going to School

My little girl will be going to school this June. And it only dawned on me during the parents' orientation last Saturday that we are “letting her go”. Waaah! I had to keep myself from crying when they were showing this clip. I was teary-eyed when the clip ended. I had to hide it coz for sure my hubby would have teased me hehe.

Hay! You know, my initial thought in finding a school for her this coming school year was I was concerned that she was getting more and more restless at home. I was a little bit concerned that our yaya might not be able to handle her and lose her temper with Miya. Don’t get me wrong, our yaya is very patient and has been with us since Miya was a few months old. But you know how children can be, sometimes you wonder if they’re really trying your patience. So I thought, we need to put Miya to school so that they have a few hours of the day apart from each other (Miya and the yaya). My friend laughed at me saying I was more concerned about the yaya hahaha! So I was a bit late in finding a school because hubby was thinking it’s too early for Miya to go to school. I had to convince her that Miya needs an outlet for all her energy. And once a week of Gymboree just won’t cut it. Last April I started researching for schools. I asked around what are the schools near our area (shoutout to Marsy who was very candid in answering my questions). I’ve only convinced Joema to look into a school last May because as luck would have it, the nearest preschool from our home was having an open house. I’ve researched on the different types of schools for young children – traditional vs progressive. Here are the links that have enlightened me.

Teacher Tina’s blog was really helpful in introducing me to progressive schools, she even gave guides on what to consider when choosing a school. If budget permits, I would enroll Miya in Explorations. But they don’t have any more slots for Miya’s age for this coming school year and Joema found the tuition fee a little steep. So I had to find an alternative. As I’ve said, we went to the open house of the preschool near our place. I was so happy that it fit the bill (pun intended) – it’s a progressive school, very near our place and the tuition is, I think, very reasonable.

Here are some of her photos during the open house after the jump:

We arrived early so she had the play area all to herself for a few minutes
Playing with the blocks
Sa gitna ng cirle naupo?

She didn't want to let go of me so I had to stay behind her during Circle Time

I was really proud of her because she did that with minimal help. I was a bit surprised because in Gymboree I always help her. She's really a kid now. Don't grow up too soon, my baby!
Can you spot my little girl?

Di ba ang thought process ko in finding a school is so unlinear hahaha! First concern is the yaya, then the location, then the school itself (traditional vs progressive) and then budget. Kawawa naman si Miya LOL! But really, I’m happy we found a good school for Miya even if I started looking into it so late in the game. So now, I’m one of those moms who get teary eyed during school events (partida hindi pa participant anak ko nyan, orientation palang!).

Sticker labels I had made for our little monkey's school stuff

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