Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween! As promised here are photos of Miya's Cleopatra costume. We used Miya's costume three times so my effort in making her costume paid off hehe.

Migs Halloween Party - 19 October

We had our "party" at P and H's house. Party in quotes since it's really just our usual tambay on Saturday nights. The only thing different was the kids were in costume and we gave out candies to them.
               Miya eating her treats

Flyfish Halloween Get-Together - 26 October

This has become an annual tradition for us since 2011. And it's so much fun to celebrate with these guys because every year we add a new baby (or babies) to our group.

School Night Out - 28 October

This is an event organized by Miya's school. The parents were asked to create booths for the children. And the children had fun going around the different booths to do the activities and get their treats.


Anna said...

She looks adorable, Cris! Super success ang costume! (And can I just say, she is growing up to be a real mix of you and the hubby ha! Parehas niyo siyang kamukha!)

cris said...

Salamat! Hubby will love it that someone thinks Miya looks like him hehehe

Leah | The Bright Spot said...

The Cleo look is so bagay to your little princess!

cris said...

Thanks Leah!

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