Monday, January 13, 2014


Almost three years old here. Taken last 4 January at her Lola 'caue's birthday celebration.
I'm joining this 52 week project over at Practising Simplicity (which I found out from Riz). I'm actually late for week 1 and was not able to join but I'm still posting this here. It's so fascinating how much kids grow so fast. When we look at photos and videos of Miya for the year 2013, we get amazed at how much she has grown. So I'm joining this project so that I can look back one year from now how much my daughter will grow in 2014. It's only week 2 so you can still join. I'll post my entry for week 2 within the week.


Riz said...

Gotcha! Let's do this! Looking forward to 51 more from you :)

cris said...

Yes! Excited to see more of your twins, too! :)

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