Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Letter to Miya

For Miya's school yearbook, we were asked to submit a creative letter that will go together with her photos. I asked my husband to do the letter for her. I cried when I first read it. Let me share his (our) letter to our dearest Miya, this was just in time for Miya's third birthday.

Dear Miya,

even before you started school
you liked reading books and singing
listening to stories and writing.

you would always ask mommy to read you stories at night before you sleep.
you would listen so intently and ask questions that we think are very sweet.
your favorite book you called "lagot", was i love you forever.
and you would want to repeat the stories after it is over.

you would sing the songs you learned in school everyday.
and we were so proud and happy to see you singing on our family day.

you like listening to stories and telling them in your own way.
you would pretend to be a teacher and ask mommy and daddy to sit on our name.
we love seeing how smart you have grown up.
and can't wait to see what else you'd come up.

you wrote a lot in school and at home.
sometimes writing on the sofa and on the wall
you like doing your assignments with Mommy every weekend
and Daddy can still remember the exercise wherein we stretched, jogged and bend.

you used to cry when you started school and we used to smile
and tell you its going to be just fine.
soon you were brave enough to be on your own
and we know that you enjoyed every moment you spent in your classroom

when you read this letter years from now,
we will remember that you were full of wonder in your eyes.
full of questions and full of surprise.

we hope you will grow up a person smart and kind.
but for now you are our little Miya.
we love you and hope you stay a little longer as a child.

Mommy and Daddy


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