Thursday, August 28, 2014

Miya's Makeover

18 May 2014

Remember this post? It all happened this one fine Sunday afternoon.

We went to Megamall to have Miya’s teeth fixed, have her first ever hair cut in a kiddie salon and have her ID photo taken for school. We went back to the pedia-dentist who put the sealant on her two right lower molars. 

While waiting for our turn at the dentist

This is so we could have her two left molars fixed and also put a filling on her two front teeth. Unfortunately, when we got there Miya didn't like to sit on her own on the dentist chair (unlike before). So she sat on my lap which was a bit difficult because I already had a baby bump then (19 weeks). The first plan was to put sealant only on the two right molars. But when it was done so quickly with Miya being so patient, I asked the dentist to proceed with her two front teeth as well (para isang puntahan na lang). We didn’t do the crown for the teeth anymore but instead go fillings (or pasta). Although, the dentist warned us that with this remedy, it’s more possible that the teeth will chip again if Miya bites on something hard. We were at the dentist chair for like one and half hours. At the last half hour, Miya was starting to get fussy. She was starting to wriggle on my lap and we had to tell her to stop moving. When the dentist was finally done, I heaved a big sigh of relief. Buti na lang natapos din!

And then afterwards, as if I’m really testing my 3-year old’s patience we went to the kiddie salon just in front of the dentist to get her haircut. 

This was at the kiddie salon. Miya showing her fixed two front teeth, no more bungi!

Ayun she didn’t want to sit on the “car” so I told her to sit again on my lap while Manong did her haircut. Before we went to the mall, I was already psyching her that she gets to sit on a car while her hair is being cut and then afterwards we can play again inside the playarea where there were lots of balls. But still she didn’t want to sit on the car when we got there even if I reminded her that she’ll get a reward and get to play. 

They let her watch Frozen while her hair was cut by Manong

Almost there

Ganda ng bob ni Manong. Parang gusto ko rin magpagupit sa kanya. 

After her haircut when we were walking away from the salon and down to the escalators, she saw the playarea and wanted to play! I told her she can’t because she didn’t do her part of the deal which was to sit on the car for her haircut. I told her she can get a toy instead as a reward for her patience during our dental visit. But first, we had to have her photo taken. Good thing she was more cooperative at the photo center. She sat on her own on the stool and got her photo take. Here's her ID photo again.

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