Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Entrance Test at School # 2

Miya took the entrance test at School # 2 on 20 March. Her test was scheduled at 8am. We were there a few minutes after 7am. Unfortunately, the test did not start at exactly 8am. I don't know exactly why they started late. We were asked to go to the admin office and from there the girls (there were three of them) were ushered to the testing area. This time around we were able to say goodbye and good luck to Miya.

Bye, Miya!

We were advised beforehand that the entrance test and interview with the parents will be simultaneous so for this test, Joema was with us (plus it's hard for me and Miya to go here and then go back home via Uber). It must have been almost 10am before we were asked to go to the testing area. It was our turn for the interview. Good thing, we were the first parents to be interviewed. We were asked about Miya's personality, how she handles things, how we are as a family. My makulit daughter was bugging us to go to the swimming pool just at the exact moment that the teacher was asking us how she is if she doesn't get what she wants hahaha! Hay naku! Anyway, after the interview the teacher told us that the admin office will contact us if our daughter passed or not but she let it slip that Miya "did very well in the exam" (her exact words) but it was beyond her authority to let us know if Miya passed or not. After that we went around the pre-school area to look at the classrooms. 

One of the classrooms in Miya's level

Kitchenette at the play area

When we asked Miya what was asked in her test she said she doesn't remember and then she repeated what she told us about the test at School # 3 hahaha! 

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