Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 28: The 52 Project 2016

Yey! I'm again up-to-date with this weekly post. Hopefully, will be able to do this on a weekly basis from now on. I'm also hoping I get to blog about other things as well. =)

Ate is crazy about Snapchat. She does this everyday!

15 July
Kuya trying to do this puzzle. Problem is he's impatient! If he can't fit the block in his first try, he will ask me to do it for him hahaha!

16 July
I think it's about time I buy Bunso a teether. She's been trying to gnaw her fingers nowadays and her saliva is always oozing from her mouth hehe. Please, anak, wag ka muna mag-ipin.

16 July

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