Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Have you ever cheated on your partner? Have you ever had a partner who cheated on you?

What if your partner found someone he loves more than he loves you. Yung tipong hindi naman nya binalak. Nagkataon lang na he found himself falling in love with this girl. And he's not just after the sex ha...he truly fell in love. And when he was sure about his feelings he told you honestly and broke up with you. What would you do? I have a friend na naka-experience nito. He wasn't the one who was left behind. He was the one who left his girlfriend for someone else. Well, technically he did not cheat because nothing happened between him and the girl while he was still committed. I'm never one to condone cheaters pero after hearing his side of the story.. I realized that it could happen to anyone. Hindi naman nya sinasadyang masaktan yung girlfriend nya. Nagkataon lang talaga. Naisip ko kung sa kin kaya gawin yon. Ano kayang mararamdaman ko? Of course I'd get hurt but would I want someone to stick with me dahil lang ang tagal na namin and not because he loves me. Don't get me wrong nothing close to this is happening to me and Joema. I'm just thinking of the possibility. Kasi sila Zanjoe at Bianca e hahaha. Yun lang pala dahilan. I told you I'm hooked to Zanjoe!

May boyfriend akong tao pero kinikilig ako sa kanilang dalawa. Parang hindi ko naiisip na may boyfriend si Bianca sa labas ng bahay. I don't see her actions as cheating on her boyfriend. Ewan ko if I'm just blind dahil kilig ako kay Zanjoe pero kasi living inside the house is very different from the outside world. Iba yung environment. You are living with other people 24/7 and you have no other way of entertaining yourself but talking to these complete strangers. Operative word: proximity! And also, you don't have your usual support group like your friends and family. So it's really possible to be close to someone for such a short period of time. Tapos Bianca admitted that she has a crush on Zanjoe two years ago when she saw him in a print ad. You can't help but think that this is destiny working. Di ba that's such a romantic thought. You saw him two years ago then dun pa kayo magkakakilala. Also, she was having problems with her current bf. And maybe she found with Zanjoe what's lacking with the relationship with her current. Argh! Ako nahihirapan sa sitwasyon nya...e pano pa kaya sya! Pero hats off to Zanjoe for being the perfect gentleman. Kasi kahit alam nyang may gusto sa kanya si Bianca di pa rin sya nag-take advantage. Kahit papano may respeto pa rin sya with Bianca's bf although he's not really doing anything para lumayo kay Bianca. If I were Bianca, after leaving the house, I'd break up with my current bf. Not because I "cheated" but because I had some doubts regarding my love for him. This is assuming that he still wants to be with me after watching all those things. But I wouldn't go and have a relationship with Zanjoe either. I'd think my feelings through...what really happened inside the house. Syempre only Bianca knows what's really happening. Is she really falling for Zanjoe or she's just longing for his current bf and using Zanjoe as proxy? Kasi kahit na hindi nila sabihin I think Bianca and Zanjoe both feel that they have feelings for each other. Paglabas ng bahay they have to think if they want to act on this feelings. Grabedad! Such a sticky situation! I wouldn't want to be in Bianca's place right now...or would I? hahaha si Zanjoe yon e!

Hay naku! I just hope and pray na wag mangyari sa min yan. Na sana we'll keep each other contented para we won't find reasons to look for other people to make us happy.

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