Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

The Good Lord has Risen. Happy Easter Sunday!!!!

We went to San Fernando last Friday. We weren't able to watch the Catholic devotees get crucified because my cousin was sick. (I read in the newspaper that there were 9 people who were crucified in Pampanga and 3 in Bulacan. There was also supposed to be 1 foreigner but he wasn't able to go through it) We just stayed at home. It was movie marathon for me. I watched Johnny English, Charlie's Angels Full Throttle, Finding Nemo and Enemy of the State on DVD and Karol on Cinema One. I was all by myself since my cousin was sick and my brother didn't come with us since he has work the next day. My parents were chatting with my Tito and Tita. Didn't do much of a sacrifice while I was there since we ate a lot (Bad! bad! bad!) We weren't able to do fasting and abstinence because my Tita served us hotdogs, egg and fried rice for breakfast, chicken bbq for lunch and pansit for merienda. So I had to do some other sacrifice. I turned off my cellphone for the whole day, I did not sleep the whole day (if you know my routine on weekends that IS a big sacrifice for me) and I did not eat chocolates even if it's right in front of me (waaahhh!! nakatanggi ako sa chocolate!) Well, I just hope that's enough sacrifice from me. We returned home yesterday morning. But before we left they cooked and served us Sisig the Kapampangan way. My Tita bought lots of bread for us to take home, bacon and hotdogs. When we go there it's as if there's always a fiesta because there are tons of foods and they even give us some more to take home. Sana next time when we get there my cousin won't be sick so that we can go around and make pasyal.

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