Thursday, April 20, 2006

Golden Sunset pics

As promised here are the pics from our outing in Golden Sunset.

Standing in front of the main building right after we arrived. I still have my bag, my sweater and pink shirt we're supposed to wear during the games.

Riding the golf cart that will take us to the restaurant for our morning merienda. Look at my hair...mahangin nga sa labas!

Horsing around the playground with Tita Julie before the start of the games.

Pink Team with Hasmin and Tita Julie, they are the coordinators that's why they're not color coordinated.

Obstacle course! That's me on your left. I thought it would be easy..going through the hurdle was the hardest. Akala ko madadapa na ko! And Ge is not helping by cheering me on 'Go Cris! Go Cris!' hahaha mura ko ng mura dahil sa hirap!

At the butterfly sanctuary...we only saw two butterflies.

The pools on the resort..there are three. Behind me is one then below the slide is an Olympic size pool.

Don't go chasing waterfalls hehe

The fish pond.. ang itim ko na dito!

With me are Ge and Hasmin. We were able to go inside one of the rooms. It was cozy...two beds and a day bed with a small tv and ref.

Hasmin, Ge, Tita Julie and me at the veranda of the room. Look at the ocean behind us.

Eating our lunch...mga nagsipag-itim na kakalakad sa resort!

Prepping up the massage table for us.

While waiting for our turn to get our massages.

That's all folks!

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