Sunday, April 09, 2006

Golden Sunset April 8, 2006

Our division went to Golden Sunset at Calatagan, Batangas for our summer outing. Sorry I don't have pictures yet but I'll post them in the coming days. Tsk, tsk..yan hirap pag walang sariling digicam e. Anyways, it was a three-hour drive going there so we left the office a little after 6am. So i was up at 430am and was out of the house before 530. So early to start the day kaya I was asleep for almost the whole trip. I just woke up when we stopped for a bathroom break and when we were almost at the resort because the bus driver had a hard time in a very narrow and steep corner. We arrived there at 930am. Bilis noh! Galing ni manong driver e. When we arrived, they served us our snacks then we immediately started the activities. After eating, we had the obstacle course for everyone. The group was divided into 3 smaller groups -- red, pink and blue team. I'm with the pink team...too bad we didn't win a single match. Anyway, we were all for the fun of it so it's ok. After the games kanya-kanya na. We went to the butterfly sanctuary but sad to say we only saw two butterflies flying around. I later heard a few butterflies died when it rained a few weeks back. Then we just rested for a while then lunch time na. Tsibog ulit! Hay naku I didn't swim dahil yung mga kasama ko di din naman mag-swimming which is just okay since we were there kainitan ng araw lalo lang ako manenegra. Pupunta pa naman ako sa Laluz the week after Holy Week so okay lang. The resort had several pools. And although there's a beach the guests are not allowed to swim there coz they still do not have a permit to operate there. After lunch we didn't have anything else to do so we decided to get a massage in the spa. Unfortunately when we got there, there were other people who were scheduled for that time. The lady there told us that we can get a massage at 2pm pa but we can't go for that since we'll be having our afternoon snacks by 3pm and will be leaving by 330. We told them to just switch the schedules and give us the 1pm slot since those scheduled for that time will be at the resort overnight. Kaso ayaw nila pumayag so tumambay na lang muna kami don. Around 2pm we were informed that we can get the massage because the others were still sleeping and was rescheduled for a later time. We agreed even though it's kinda late na and decided that we won't eat for the snacks and just ride on the bus if we get out of the spa by 330. Grabe ang sarap talaga magpa-spa. I have a friend who said that getting a massage makes you feel that you're so rich..the pampering and all! So true! Feeling ko talaga ang yaman ko! If only I can afford to have a massage every month! If only! We finished at around 330 already but when we got back to the resto the rest of the group were still eating so kain lang ulit kami. We left the resort at around 430 pm. Ha! An hour late from our scheduled departure. Bilis nga ni manong mag-drive dahil we were at Tagaytay at 530. We stopped over to buy some pasalubongs. I bought pineapples...P100 for 4 pineapples. Pati espasol bumili ako. I didn't want to go down the bus again to buy buko pie kaya yun na lang. And I only have two hands noh. I can't carry my bag, the 4 pineapples and a box of buko pie altogether! Dahil sa bilis ng byahe we were back at the office before 830. Bilis na yon dahil we had several stop overs pa. Ang tagal ko tuloy nagintay kay Jay. He was supposed to be out by 9pm kaso natagalan pa kaya tagal ko talaga nagintay. I was so sleepy when I got here at home kaso di pa ko agad natulog. Kasi naman kumain pa ko ng konting menudo hehehe.

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