Sunday, January 14, 2007

Performer itech

We had our annual performance evaluation last Friday at work. I was so worried before my boss talked to me. But I'm pleased to say that she gave me an 'Exceptional' grade in one of my projects. *big grin* She also told me about the promotion that was supposed to be for me. You see, in the bank if you want to be promoted you have to apply for it. The opening are advertised and all qualified staff can apply. There is an opening for a higher level post which I was suited for. But I cannot apply for it yet because I need to be atleast one year in my current level. My boss wanted to wait until my first year which will be in February. But unfortunately our HR sent out a new AO that applicants for promotions should have been atleast two years in their current level. So, my boss told me they can not possibly wait for another year for me. She said they need to advertise the post even if I'm not yet qualified to apply. She didn't want me to be demotivated and assured me they appreciate the work I'm doing and that they will try to reclassify me to the next level. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out fine. For the mean time, I need to show her that I am qualified for that promotion and that I am as hard working as my other colleagues in the unit.

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