Friday, March 16, 2007

Grace Anatomy

Since Grace will be leaving soon for the States, I told her I will celebrate her birthday with her. So last March 9, I left early for work and met up with her at Makati. The plan was dinner at Red Crab then movie. Our day started fine until… Well, I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s start at the beginning.

I asked her to meet me somewhere near her condo since I don’t want to lug around my backpack (I have clothes for my overnight stay with her at her condo and the following night at Tagaytay). She told me to come with her to hear mass at Greenbelt. So we went there to the chapel only to find out that the mass will be at 5:45pm pa. We decided to do the groceries first at Landmark then go back to the chapel. We bought food for our Tagaytay overnight the following day. It was our(with Joel, Gary and My) despedida for her. After groceries, we headed back to Greenbelt chapel and were just in time for the novena. When the mass was over, we were already starving. Excited na mag-Red Crab!

As you can imagine, we were at the resto really early. I think we were the third party to arrive wala pa masyadong tao. We had their dinner buffet which is somewhat disappointing because they only have one viand with crabs in it. Disappointing as it may seem, we still enjoyed the dinner. Pareho kasi kaming matakaw sa seafood. We were there until 8pm as in hilo-hilo na kami sa dami ng alimasag na nakain namin. My feeling then was the same tipsy feeling I have after I had bottles of SanMig light. As in! Pareho kaming nun lang naka-feel ng ganon. Yung sinasabi ng matatanda na nahihilo sila dahil sa dami ng nakain nila na pampa-highblood. Ganon! Anyways, dahil gusto ko sulitin ang buffet nag-dessert pa rin ako kahit sobrang busog na. Haha. Talk about lafang!

The birthday girl

We were right beside the dude playing the piano. Okay naman sya kumanta kaso pag nag-spiels na sya di ko sya maintindihan magsalita =p

Isang funny face naman jan

We didn’t go to the movies after because Grace forgot to bring her eyeglasses. She has DVD of Music & Lyrics, Grey’s Anatomy season 3 and Prison Break at home so we decided to have movie/series marathon na lang. While watching Music & Lyrics, out of nowhere I heard Grace scream: “Waah! Ang laki ng mata ko!” Her right eye was all puffy and red and her left eye is beginning to swell. Have you seen Hitch of Will Smith? The scene where Will Smith had allergy? As in ganon ang itsura ng mata ni Grace! She was panicking telling me that she’s afraid that her eyes might pop out hahaha. Natatawa lang ako sa kanya but I told her we can got to ER of Makati Med. Sabi nya sige daw. While on the cab going to the hospital I was still laughing. I found it hilarious that this will happen on her birthday. Now, she won’t forget her last birthday here in the Philippines.

When we arrived at the ER of Makati Med, they treated her as if it wasn’t an emergency. At the “receiving area” the nurse took her BP, asked her if she’s allergic to anything, when her last menstruation was then ushered us inside. Inside, someone was taking her info: name, address, birthday. Nakakatawa pa yung convo nila ( I didn’t hear this, Grace just told me when we were inside na):

Girl at the ER: Kelan po pinanganak?
Grace: Huh? Single ako di pa ko nanganganak

Wahahaha kwento pa nya irritated pa sya nung sinagot nya yung girl. Well, after she told the girl her birthday it took some time for the girl to realize that it was Grace’s birthday on that same day. After a while the girl said, “Ma’m birthday nyo po ngayon?” to which Grace nodded. Then the girl said, “Happy birthday po” shy na shy pa yung babae ahahahaha.

Eyes popping out? The swelling has subsided here pero maga pa rin ang mata nya. Grace will kill me if she sees this!

After all that hullabaloo (gosh! I imagined how they’ll go about an emergency where the patient is all bloodied. Will the still ask for all that info before he’s treated?!?!?!) they then ushered us inside a room with beds (now this room I remember from watching all that Grey’s Anatomy). Grace was treated by a doctor, asked her if she’s allergic to anything. Grace did not know of any allergies she has. But it turned out that it was an allergic reaction – the worst kind. She was given steroids, antihistamine and a third one I forgot what it’s called. Grace asked the doctor why she’s given steroids at baka daw lalo syang tumaba don hahahah. The doctor said it will relieve the swelling. I don’t which of the drugs given to her was making her sleepy but the doctor said that it will make her sleep for about an hour. So there, the few hours before the end of her birthday we were stuck at the ER of Makati Med. Atleast she was sleeping, I on the other hand was so bored. So bored I took pictures while she was sleeping.

Pati 50 Peso bill di nakaligtas. Pwede na bang photographer? hahaha

But taking pictures only took up a few minutes so I called Joema after.

Grace asked me to wake her up after an hour so I did. But we waited for the doctor to come back for almost an hour. We left the hospital past 12midnight already. Haayy! She was given a prescription so we went to Mercury Drug first before heading back to her place. We needed to sleep as we were going to Tagaytay in a few hours. be continued..

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