Thursday, March 15, 2007

PENny eating PENpals at Manila PEN

We celebrated Penny's birthday by having dinner at Bed Space at Greenbelt 3. They have good food. It was so much fun eating there because of the couch/bed cozy. Yun nga lang the homey feel is taken away by the loud sound system. I guess it's more of a bar than a laid-back king of resto. It's fun taking pictures there coz of the setting nga. Yun nga lang because we're so busy taking pictures and because of the loud music (we wanted to get out of there as soon as we were done eating) nakalimutan namin hingin yung dessert namin! Kaasar lang dahil when we asked for our bill di man lang kami ni-remind that we still have dessert. Bad trip! We ordered kasi yung set meal nila that has appetizer, entree and dessert. Sayang talaga. Lugi kami!

Ayun dahil nga nakalimutan namin na we should have had dessert, we went to Manila Pen to have ice cream. Penny and I both felt very sleepy while we were at Manila Pen.

Basta I remembered Jose being so talkative that night.

That was one week after our Davao trip pero super chika galore pa rin :) Happy birthday Penny! Tumatanda na tayo hahaha

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