Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Last Installment - Davao

On our last night at Davao, we went to a mall, heard mass, bought pasalubong, ate dinner, and chilled in a local coffee shop.

Chimes – this local mall is recommended by Paul. It’s so cool because the exterior looks so much like Greenbelt3 while inside it’s like Rustan’s. They sell Crocs and Havaianas.

San Pedro Cathedral – it’s a Catholic church but looks like a mosque. We went to the 630pm mass and there were a lot of people. And when I say a lot – I mean a LOT! The church is literally overflowing with people. During the communion people were swarming towards the front of the church. The bishop, who was the priest presider that time, said that they are proud of the many people who hear mass there. He said the communion rite takes 10minutes to finish. They say you can make a wish when it’s your first time in a certain church. So I made my wish. Secret na lang kung ano.

Marang and pomelo – Davao is known for their wide variety of fruits which include durian, mangosteen, marang and pomelo. There were no mangosteen and durian in the fruit stand we went to so most of us just bought marang and pomelo. It was my first time to see and, later on, taste marang. Sayang we didn’t take pictures of the fruit. Anyway, I just bought two of those then a few pomelos. I also bought durian and mangosteen candies to alternate for the fruits.

Busy buying pasalubong

Ahfat Restaurant – Paul brought us to this Chinese restaurant at Victoria Plaza. We were making fun of the name of the restaurant. Can’t remember na what we were saying about it basta funny sounding naman talaga yung Ahfat di ba? Since Paul paid for our dinner the previous day, we schemed on how we can pay for dinner that night. You see, whenever our group go out on trips we pool our money so that we have a petty cash fund. For example, we collect P1000/pax at the beginning of the trip then every time we have to pay for something like taxi fare or food, the person in charge of handling the money, usually Penny, will pay for it. That way at the end of the day we don’t have to divide every expenses that we make. So anyway, Penny passed the money purse around the table to reach Janice. Picture this: we were seated at a round table, Paul is seated between Penny and Janice. So the money went around the table para lang makarating kay Janice. We figured Janice should be the one to offer Paul our payment for the dinner. Itong si Paul sneaky, he didn’t ask for the bill while he’s seated pumupunta sya dun sa cashier. Katawa hinabol pa sya ni Janice para lang mag-offer na kami na ang magbabayad. It was during dinner that we tasted marang. Janice brought two marang to the resto (she bought two crates as pasalubong – dead na dead sa marang) and asked the waiters to serve them. Okay naman sya lasang langka.

Jack’s Ridge – after dinner we went to Jack’s Ridge. Para mas masaya pinagkasya kaming lahat sa sasakyan ni Paul. So his vehicle that normally carries 5 pax including him carried 9 pax that night. Sya naman nag-insist e para nga daw masaya kasi nga naman last night na namin don. Parang SUV yung sasakyan ni Paul e kaso no seats were installed at the back kaya parating apat lang ang sinasabay nya sa amin. Anyway, that night Charline and I squeezed ourselves in front then Penny, Al, Janice and Allan were in the middle. Pao and Joema were at the back, yung walang upuan. Naka-Indian seat sila don together with some boxes haha. Enjoy naman e atleast sama-sama kami sa road trip. I can’t remember the name of the coffee house at Jack’s Ridge basta isa lang naman sya dun. There’s a big screen pa outside where Pinoy Big Brother is being shown (first night kasi). Jack’s Ridge is like the overlooking in Antipolo. Tabi-tabing bar and resto overlooking downtown Davao City.

On our last day, we didn’t have time to eat breakfast dahil mga tanghali na gumising haha. Well, actually nag-takeout na lang kami ng McDo then ate at the airport. =) Before we knew it we were waiting for our flight. Too bad, our flight was delayed for about an hour. Tsk, tsk.

One last photo-op at the hallway leading to our room at Alta

Goodbye Davao!

Eto, budget conscious that I am, I just want to document kung gaano kamura ang trips namin. Sayang wasn’t able to start with our Galera trip.

Cebu Pacific roundtrip plane fare – P2,700.32/pax
Terminal Fee – P440/pax (P400 Manila airport, P40 Davao airport)
Alta Pension House – P1,800 (room rate per night, can accommodate 7pax), P700 (room rate per night, for two pax)
Pearl Farm day tour – P1,500/pax
Calinan bus fare – P40/pax
Pomelo – P90/kilo
Marang – P35/kilo
Candies – P25/pack
Entrance Fee – P55 (P50 PEC, P5 Davao Water District)

So including meals and taxi fares, we spent roughly P7,000 each. Not bad di ba? =)

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