Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dragon ng Senado

Written yesterday

OMG! Joker Arroyo, a senator of the Replublic, called me! I talked to him twice! He left a recorded message in my voice mailbox (which I saved)! I'm so starstruck even if, I think, he called me Grace instead of Cris once (and this usually pisses me off). Oooohh I so wanted to ask him about the coming elections. And he mentioned the elections during our conversation. Well, actually you can't categorically say it's a conversation but an exchange of information, instruction.

*I'm a bit uneasy about posting this yesterday because I'm worried about this bug thinga-majig that they keep track of people's phonecalls, use of the internet and they probably know who are the people talking about them and when and where. Haha talk about paranoid. This is what I get in watching Alias.

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