Thursday, April 26, 2007

No Goodbyes

Two days ago..

Today is her last day here at BPCB. She was the one who interviewed me and hired me here at the bank. And I’m very grateful for that. She has been a very wonderful boss, supportive and understanding. Someone who appreciates and acknowledges hard work. The exceptional rating she gave me was very meaningful because the year before that she told me during one of the PDP sessions that she only gives it if you did something extra, something beyond your job. If you did your job well then that’s good but that’s not enough to get an exceptional. That’s why I was really happy when she told me how amazed she was on how I did my job on that project. I wish I could have been under her tutelage longer because she’s a brilliant person. Smart and articulate. Plus she’s been a friend to most of us here. I wish she could have stayed longer. As my colleague puts it "I could only hope God has grander plans for you there. I know the experience will help you for a future post as Director here at BPCB." :) We'll see you around!

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