Thursday, May 17, 2007

Meet Mini

Isn't she the cutest? I so love her :) We got her last Sunday. She's so adorable and soooo lazy. Isn't it obvious from the photo? Like Rico she's a chow-chow although she's pure bred. And also like Rico she so hates the heat! When she drinks water she lets the water drip from her mouth so that she'll get wet. And she loves sleeping on our cool marbled floor. Last night she slept right outside the door of my parents room so that she'll get a wift of the cool air from their AC. :) She also loves pretending to be asleep so that you won't bother her. Pilya!

Here are more pictures of her:


karen said...

omg! so cute! i want one too!

Life said...

Kila Tita Lucy ako nakikitira. Kita tayo. Eto cell ko dito: 0916-340-5455. What's yours?

Also, cute!

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