Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Independence Day Weekend

How was your long weekend? Yesterday was a holiday, at least here at the office, so I filed for leave on the 11th so that I’ll have a four-day weekend. Happy! I didn’t prepare for any trip, due to lack of moolah :P, so this is how I spent the last four days.

June 9 – I woke up late, which is one of the things I love during weekends. Watched a few episodes of Sex and the City then went back to sleep after lunch. Yes, that’s what I do on weekends when I don’t have anything else to do. Sleep, eat, sleep, watch TV, sleep again. My brother rented out Norbit which we all watched. Joema and I bought ice cream for merienda. You know the Magnolia ice cream with marshmallows you can put on top, the one with Piolo in the TVC.

June 10 – We went to Tagaytay and had a hearty breakfast at Josephine’s. We all thought it was already Father’s Day so we planned our Sunday this way. We only realized it wasn’t when we were ready to leave the house at seven in the morning. That’s okay cause we usually wake up early on Sunday to hear the 7am mass in the chapel right in our subdivision. I brought my camera along only to find out that I have no battery life left. I wasn't able to charge the battery the night before. I was only able to take a few pictures at Josephine's di pa matino ang itsura ng nanay at tatay ko haha.

And a picture of my mother at the garden:

After breakfast we went to Our Lady of Lourdes in Tagaytay. I thought that this church was huge. It turned out the church was not that big, it was just right actually. I was a bit surprised that there were a lot of people going there to hear mass. Maybe I just didn’t think there were a lot of people who live in Tagaytay. I always figured there were a lot of tourists, you know Manilenos going there for the weekend, but not residents.Obviously it was my first time there so I made a wish. Secret muna yung wish para magkatotoo. After Tagaytay, we went home and I went to bed. Ahahaha. That’s only around 1pm. I’m such a sleepyheard, really!

June 11 – My mother and I went to the parlor to get hair cut and treatment. That's almost half of the day spent at the salon. Btw, while waiting for our turn I was reading a Marie Claire magazine, the Philippine edition, and they have an article there where they had the contributing writer pose as a bombshell. She was an ordinary looking girl, very low maintenance, short hair, shirt and jeans kind of girl and they transformed her into a sexy goddess. Gosh they caught people staring at her breasts. There was even an asshole at the MRT who took a picture of her, pero kunyari yung buildings ang kinukahaan nya ng picture, and showed it to his buddies. We can only guess if its her face he took pictures of or her breasts. The nerve of this pricks! Show some respect dude! I just wish they showed the faces of these bastards so that they'll be ashamed of what they did. Too bad I wasn't able to finish reading the article. Anyways, after the straightening and cellophane treatment I had my hair cut. I took a picture of the haircut I liked from this site and showed it to the stylist. He told me that my hair is still too short for that cut so it will just be the front that he will do some styling although he will still trim the back. I want him to copy this:

but it turned out like this:

Not quite the same eh? Maybe I should have it blow dried like the first pic.
June 12 - Joema had his off yesterday so he went straight to our house after his shift. Well, he slept the whole morning so I watched DVDs. I was able to watch Bobby, now I'm curious about the life of Robert F. Kennedy. How I wish our politicians are that sincere in running for office. And that I will vote for someone simply because I know he/she will make a difference in my life or the generation next to mine. Because honestly in the last elections I voted for the lesser evils, I researched on the things they've already done and hoped and prayed that after I voted for them and they won they will do something good for the people and stop politicking. In hindsight, I didn't realize I watched this movie on our Independence Day. Did you do something special to celebrate our independence? I didn't but when the Lupang Hinirang was played in the cinema that night I proudly stood still and sang my heart out. I'm getting ahead of my story. When Joema woke up, we went to the mall to watch Pirates of the Carriben: At World's End. I know it's been almost a month and we were only able to watch it yesterday. I liked the movie, more than the second one. Do you think there will be a fourth one? They can easily make another sequel for the movie. I liked the scene where Elizabeth and and Will was married by Capt. Barbosa while doing the fight scenes. Oh just kiss! :)

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