Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another June 5 post

Last Friday was our birthday treat for Charline and Steve. We ate at Sumo-sam, Power Plant. The food was great! We had a lot of catching up to do. The last time we saw each other was two months ago during Penny's birthday celeb. As always, we talked about the people who weren't there haha. People who will probably be transferring to another company, people who have already transferred. Chismis galore talaga! Mands was only able to join us after all of us were done eating. Kasi naman may bowling bowling pa. Wala tuloy sya sa group picture...

It was so hot at the resto so we transferred to Seattle's Best to hear about Mands' love life. But before we went there photo-op muna with the cars (solo pic naman si Mands pambawi dahil wala sya sa group pic). Back to Mands' love life...unfortunately, it ended with a sad note. And I won't divulge it here dahil gusto ko pa mabuhay. It was a bit ironic because while Mands was telling us his story, Janice was having us sign her guest book from their wedding. Sayang I wasn't able to take pictures of the album. It was so pretty. They had their prenup at UP, where else! We had problems pa writing on it dahil sa material nung album and the pens we were using were not working. Imagine we had 4 pens that we tried using. Si Steve nag-sign kalahati in black ink, yung kalahati in blue. :) Kapal muks namin dahil there were 9 of us but only two bought coffees. At talagang tumambay lang kami don at nagkodakan.


I didn't realize I had to pay to DL episodes of Silence. Oh well, a girl can't have everything.

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