Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Glass Breaker

Got this email yesterday so the following event happend Sunday night, 22 July 2007. Sabi ko kay EJ dapat cobra na lang instead na langgam pero sbi nya patay kasi agad pag cobra. Onga naman dapat silang ma-torture kaya dapat balatan muna sila ng buhay bago sila kagatin ng langgam.

Hi guys. I'm sorry to start the week off with a downer of an email, but we feel that it's necessary to share this story with you.

At around 9pm last night, we (well, our car) were the victims of "glassbreakers".

We were parked along the main street of BF Homes (President's Avenue) -- a parking lot in front of a closed luxury car shop right beside the entrance to Tahanan Village. A lamp post illuminated the area and it was only a fewsteps to the guard house. And at 9pm, it was still a very busy street. So without giving it another thought, we locked the car and crossed the street to where we were having dinner.

We came back an hour later to find our left rear window open -- at least, that's what i thought. At closer inspection we found that the window had actually been smashed. And they did a pretty good job of it -- the whole glass lay inside the car unbroken, with only shattered bits around it. Maybe that's why they didn't trip the alarm. They knew what they were doing, as we were later told by the police that it wasn't the first time this happened in the area.

Anyway, we realized that a bag in the back seat caught their attention. It wasn't a flashy one, and we thought our car was darkly tinted enough to hide what was inside. Apparently we were wrong. The bag contained some cash,credit cards, atm cards, a phone, and house keys. So we immediately got on the phone to have the cards and phone line cut, and all that.

We put a makeshift window made of dark plastic so that we could at least drive home without inhaling the polluted air of South Super Highway.

And we thanked God that it was just a bag that was stolen, not our entire car...that it was just a window that was smashed, and not us.

We've all heard these stories before and have been warned, especially about leaving your laptops in cars, or when going to particularly dangerous areas. But when it happens to you, inside a busy, well-lit area inside a private subdivision, with only a simple bag as the trigger, you can't help but think, what's the world coming to? Hay.

Bottom line -- please, please be extra careful, guys. No matter where you go, or what you have, these people will always find a way to get what they want (or need -- I keep telling myself that I hope whoever did it was really in dire need na lang. Otherwise, sana kainin sila ng mga malalaking pulanglanggam. :p) Don't give them the opportunity.

Please forward this story to everyone on your mailing list. God knows we all need to be on guard. Unfortunately.


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