Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Makati, Beyond and Back

I left for Makati a few minutes past 6pm last Friday. By 7pm I was waiting at Watsons at Enterprise for Janice. We were supposed to have dinner at Amici (near Don Bosco) with Mands, Jose, Charline, Allan, Steve and Penny. Mands even texted that they are about to leave their office in 10 minutes. And so we left Enterprise thinking we’ll have dinner in a few minutes. Our route was supposed to be this (see the blue line):

From Mands’ instruction, we’re to park at Walter Mart because parking is free there for Amici patrons. From Amorsolo we turned right, and where do we end up:

Skyway! For crying out loud! Wahahahaha! And we weren’t the only one lost …there was a Honda CRV in front of us slowing down when we reached the ramp. Looks like the driver, like us, was trying to find a way out. Hay naku! I was texting Mands na sa Tagaytay na lang kami mag-dinner. As in serious ako ha! I was worried that the traffic going back to Makati would be so heavy that we’ll end up arriving there after they had dinner. Actually our benchmark was if Penny arrives first before us super natagalan na talaga kami (Penny was coming from another dinner party so she arrived late). Another funny thing was Janice didn’t have enough cash with her. The Skyway toll was P85 one way! Nung pabalik na kami I had to pay half of the toll fee coz she paid for the fee coming from Makati. Well, actually I should really pay for half dahil libre na nga yung sakay ko sa kanya. Sabi nya buti na lang daw kasama nya ko dahil kung hindi dadaan sya ng traffic dahil kulang ang cash nya na mag-Skyway ulit. Tsk! Libre nga dinner namin (thanks to Jose, Mands and Steve!!!) kaso naglabas din kami ng pera dahil sa Skyway hahahaha! Kakaibang adventure talaga yun! More pictures of our adventure and dinner here.

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