Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Tagged by EJ. Rules: Once you've been tagged, you must answer all the questions in the survey. As much as possible, have specific answers! This way, your friends might learn a thing or two about you! After answering and posting this survey, tag 3-4 of your friends!

1. Give five possible names you could have been given as a child.
These are justs wild guesses. Ang co-corny!
a. Arthur Jr.
b. Teresita Jr.
c. Art-Te
d. Maria Teresa
e. Therese

2. Give three of the best years of your life and explain why.
a. 2000 – the year I graduated from college, I had my first job and I fell in love with the man in my life
b. 2005 – the year I first traveled out of the country
Yun lang ata. Imagine I can’t even think of another year in my life that I think is the best. What have I been doing?!?!?!

3. Tell about your fondest memory with your friends.
High School friends – overnight sa bahay nila Leda and hitting each with water balloons (they all thought I would get angry when they hit me and my shirt color turned to pink because of the red crepe paper hanging); overnight sa bahay nila Bang and taking pictures na tipong nasa studio
College friends – overnight sa bahay namin for studying or movie marathon (happy thoughts)
Work friends – trying out flyfish sa Galera, shopping in HK, spelunking sa Sagada

4. Name five of your favorite colors
a. green
b. blue
c. brown
d. pink
e. white

5. Five of your favorite foods
a. hipon (sinigang, halabos, gambas, at kahit na ano pang luto)
b. fried chicken
c. salmon sashimi
d. california maki
e. egg (scrambled, sunny side up, hard boiled)

6. Five favorite movies
a. 50 First Dates
b. Sound of Music
c. Chocolat
d. How to Lose a Guy in 10 days
e. 300

7. What was one crazy thing you've always wanted to do in school, but haven't gotten around to doing? Given the chance, would you still do it? Run during the Oblation run? Or have sex at the lagoon? Ahahaha Maybe get drunk and attend class.

8. If you could have one feasible wish come true, what would it be? Travel around the world

9. Three favorite actors and five favorite actresses
a. Ewan McGregor
b. Leonardo DiCaprio
c. Vic Zhou (hahahaha)
a. Jennifer Aniston
b. Drew Barrymore
c. Kate Winslet
d. Meryl Streep
e. Reese Witherspoon

10. Give fifteen random facts about yourself!!
a. I love big umbrellas with corporate logos.
b. I was once in a movie (extra lang po)
c. I was an achiever as a student (ngayon hindi na hahahaha)
d. I would love it if I have a talent like singing, dancing or drawing.
e. I’m so impressed with people who can really write well and are articulate speakers.
f. My shoe size is 5.
g. I used to envy my classmates who have notebooks bought at school, yung may official logo. Yung sa akin kasi ordinary lang na merit notebook.
h. In Grade School, I used to cry when classes are suspended.
i. I love arranging travel plans for me and my friends (or family). I’m their official travel planner.
j. I have two credit cards – BPI Petron Mastercard and Citibank Clear Mastercard.
k. I prefer wet rainy days than hot humid days.
l. I have my cellphone alarm at 5:45am to wake me up but I press the snooze button 3 times before finally waking up at 6am.
m. I started hating celebrating my birthday when I was 22 years old. I hate the fact that I get older every time I have my birthday haha!
n. I wore braces all throughout college. They were removed before our graduation picture were taken.
o. I don’t like milk.
p. I can roll my tongue.

I'm tagging Abbie, Karen, Tin and Louise.

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karen said...

I love eggplants. Ewan ko kung baket. Hehe.

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