Monday, August 06, 2007

We.Baby Shower.Wii

Saturday was EJ’s baby shower. Was able to see them all again after a few months. Almost all of Joema’s college friends (and my friends na rin) are married and starting their families. EJ and TJ are the fourth pair to welcome their little bundle of joy (EJ is due in September). First were Mek and Joy with Kyla, then Michelle and Bong with Yuri, then Heili and Tric with Luigi. Well, it’s about time we welcome a new baby because Luigi is turning three in January already. We’re still waiting for Jo to get pregrant (she and David got married last December).

There were games during the shower and one of them was you have to taste the baby food and guess the flavor. I was one of the (un)fortunate contestants. I don’t like baby food, it’s gross haha. EJ received lots of gifts. I don’t even know what most of them are for.

After the shower, we played poker and wii at Tric’s place. I love wii ahahahaha! I was the first one to lose at poker so was able to play wii all by myself. I had fun playing bowling and tennis (with TJ, he was the second one out). My highest score in bowling was 193. So much higher than my score in real-life bowling hehehe. TJ and I were trying to beat Patrick’s highest score of 214. Tsk, we weren’t successful. In tennis, I was having a hard time doing the back hand. I must admit I’m no Maria Sharapova =P

By the way, I haven’t been updating this blog as much but I’m uploading pics in my multiply so check that out.

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