Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I haven’t blogged about the Kobe event two weeks ago. Karen is already asking about it (although most of the stuff here are not even about Kobe haha).

Knowing that ULTRA is just a few blocks from the bank and the event was in the afternoon I only filed for a half-day leave. I met the boys for lunch and we had a hearty meal at Metrowalk. Good thing we were full before we went to ULTRA because we had to wait for a long time. RX was advertising the event to be at 3pm, the tickets we have says 4pm, but the Nike website is saying that Kobe will be at the Bonifacio High Street from 2-3pm. So go figure what time he’ll be there. We left Metrowalk at aound 2pm because we still have to get the extra tickets from Cristina. Side story: Cristina and I picked up the tickets the day before the actual event. I gave her the extra two that I have because I don’t know anyone else who wants to come and will be able to come. When I went home I realized the tickets had seat numbers. The worry-rat that I am I called Cristina up to ask her to look for the seating of ULTRA. Our ticket says ‘Gallery’ with ticket numbers 1998 to 2000 (3 tickets) and the other 3 tickets seated together (I can’t remember the ticket numbers but they were consecutive numbers but far from 1998 or 2000). So that got me all confused because Gallery is way up in the coliseum, they’re just bleachers. Anyway, we figured it’s best to just get the extra tickets back and figure out a way to be seated once we’re there. Our plan was (a) the three boys will be seated together and I will be left on my lonesome or (b) me and Joema will seat together and Tric and Mek will seat together or (c) Joema will seat alone while I seat with Tric and Mek (because Tric has the wheels, Mek will treat us to dinner later that day and I got the tickets – Joema was the only fan of Kobe there but he had no use to the three of us hehehe). We were figuring this out while we’re outside ULTRA queuing to get inside. The gates opened at 3pm so we were standing outside making up storites and watching the people line up for a few minutes. By the way, the security for the event was tight – as in the security personnel were dressed in really tight black shirts (parang pinick-up sa Fitness First or Gold’s Gym yung security hahahaha).

The show started at 5pm so you can just imagine how bored we were before the show. But we found things to do to keep ourselves amused. We took pictures. (As you can see we were all seated together. As common sense would tell us the seat numbers we're not followed at the bleachers).

Mek played with the balloons (we were out of balloons even before Kobe was there).

At nag-sight seeing kami ng celebrities. The five Gutierrez brothers were there (Richard, Elvis, Richie Paul, Monching with his son and the last one was I think the one involved the Manila Filmfest scam aka Take it-Take it scandal). We saw Francis Magalona, Rheema Chanco, Dianne Castillejo and basketball players like Mac Cardona and Olsen Racela.

It was a few minutes before 5pm when the hosts appeared – TJ Manotoc, Sarah Meier and Chino Rufino. They had us chanting Kobe’s name ‘’Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!’ and after a few seconds Kobe was there! I am definitely not a fan but it’s really something to see an international celebrity. Iba talaga yung feeling.

For the two hours of the show he was there the whole time coaching the super lucky boys (I only found out after the event that some of the boys where UAAP players). We were expecting kasi na he might show up at the last few minutes of the show lang. And for that we were really happy and of course elated with this final dunk! He gave away four basketballs which he signed. Sayang lang we didn’t get one. Si Joema and Tric we’re teasing. Tinatanong kasi ni Joema kung ibibigay daw ba ni Tric sa kanya yung basketball in case na makuha nya, sabi ni Tric ibebenta daw nya kay Joema hahaha. Well, I was ultra happy dahil super happy si Joema to see Kobe. I was joking him nga everytime that Kobe pats the players on their butt (you know how guys are) na naiinggit sya. I can just imagine how thrilled those boys must have been. To be able to play with an NBA superstar one-on-one. Haaay!

This is the final dunk of Kobe. Sablay yung una but please wait for the second one.

Please check out my multiply account for pictures and other videos.

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