Monday, September 03, 2007

Tickets to the Kobe Event

I won 6! Yippii!!! When I first heard that Kobe will come here and RX will be giving away tickets I was excited not for me cause I don’t know anything about him, well I know that he plays for L.A. Lakers, but for Joema who’s a fan. Being a fan of international celebs, I know the feeling na minsan lang sila pupunta dito and that’s my chance to see them. The first day that Chico and Del gave away tickets they only asked the date when he was going and they only asked for the listeners to text in the answer. Muntik na ko sumali don kaso mali pala yung alam kong date. I was supposed to answer September 25 – mali pala yun dapat September 5 haha. Anyways, going to work I listen everyday to the Morning Rush siguro that’s around 6 – 730am. The following day they asked na for the listeners to call them up to answer their question for the Kobe event. Shy akong marinig ang sarili ko sa radio so I didn’t bother. Last Wednesday night, I got the chance to listen to RX around 9pm. Kaso their questions were all about Kobe na – what was Kobe’s first team, against which team did Kobe win his 81 points in January 2000 (?). Duh? Contest on getting tickets to get to see Kobe so it figures they will ask things about him. E haller? Wala nga kong alam kay Kobe noh. I had to ask Joema the answers pa. The following days did not change. Chico and Del asked other trivias about the guy. Until this past Saturday, we were on our way to San Jose for my lolo’s birthday, when they asked the day and date when Kobe will be here plus they only wanted the listeners to send the answer thru text. So I texted na. Initially, I texted the date lang pero nagdadalawang isip na ko na baka dapat isama ko yung day. Ayun tama nga ko they had to ask the senders to send the answer again – day and date when Kobe will be here. Buti na lang naka-template na sa kin in-add ko lang yung Wednesday tapos send na agad. I was so excited kasi I had the feeling na ako yung first. Kaso we had to go down from the car dahil magb-breakfast na kami sa Jollibee sa Pulilan. Di ko naman dala yung headset ng phone ko para mapakinggan ko pa rin sana sila. Pakshet di ba?!?!?! Super bilis ko kumain ng almusal. As in napansin ng tatay ko na ako yung unang natapos e usually ako yung last. Pagbalik sa kotse nag-text ako agad to ask them if they can announce again the winner. Di nila in-announce ulit pero they texted me back na I won nga! Yippiii!! I called up Joema kaso he was still sleeping pa. Ang una tuloy nakaalam si Patrick dahil tinext ko din sya para ayain. Around 9:30 ata nung nagising si Joema and he called me up. Super excited din sya. Tanong pa nya sa kin kung ano daw yung tanong. Natawa sya nung sinabi kong date lang nung pagpunta ni Kobe yung tanong kaya nasagot ko. Buti na lang natiyempo na off nya this coming Wednesday so he doesn’t need to file for leave. Kami lang nila Patrick at Mek ang magf-file harhar.


Abbie said...

Wow! Sweetness. Ang galing moooo! Swerte. :)

cris said...

swerte talaga!

~currant7 said...

galing mo!
buti lang you thought of the day also...not only the date. :P
great job...congrats!

it rained in the late evening during my visit but it's fine. just gave ed and i more reason to hang out longer and waited for the rain to dissipate. :)

cris said...

I'm excited na for the event later. I'll get to hang out with the boys hehe romantic. Cuddling while raining outside. Ako I like walking in the rain tapos HHWW wag lang kasing lakas ni Milenyo haha

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