Monday, October 22, 2007

Hong Kong Part 2

Third Day - 6 Oct 2007

Golden Bauhinia

It was still early to head on to Ocean Park so we went here. Just a few minutes for picture taking. There a lot of other tourists since this is part of the half-day city tour of most travel agencies.

Ocean Park

We took Citibus 629 at the Admiralty MTR station to get to Ocean Park. It was just afew minutes after 9am (which is the first trip) but there was already a queue for the bus. We arrived at Ocean Park even before the gates opened so we had to wait a few minutes. My mom was so tired going around Ocean Park maybe because of the terrain. I was able to see two attractions that I didn't visit the last time I was there– Pacific Pier and Sea Jelly Spectacular.

Citygate Outlet

Now this is where my mom really enjoyed herself ahahaha! Well, I enjoyed too but I wasn’t really on my shop-till-I-drop mode. Because I was eyeing on buying a Samsonite luggage. I got the luggage I wanted 50% off plus I was able to buy a duffel bag for HKD99 only. They have a promo where you can buy the duffle bag for that price if you buy one piece of luggage. Wiii! I’m so happy! Oooh, I was also able to buy a pair of Seven7 jeans.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Okay, we were supposed to watch the Symphony of Lights but we were late. So much for running along Nathan Road just to be there on time. We were all just exhausted when we got there. We rested for a few minutes then headed back to the hotel to rest and eat dinner. And then we were off to...

Mong Kok

Wasn’t able to buy anything from here either because we were lugging around with my father looking for shoes – that he wasn’t able to buy that night. Naubos oras kakaikot wala naman nabili. Haaay! We should have just went our separate ways so that we’d accomplish more. But that’s what we did the next day.

Fourth Day - 7 Oct 2007

Rosary Church

First we heard mass at this quaint church. It was the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary when we were there. After the mass we had brunch and was off again. My brother and I were on to search for Mands’ clementoni puzzle. He gave me the address where I could buy him one. It was at Chinachem Plaza at Mody Road. But the office was closed (since it was Sunday). Of course I didn’t know that it was an office, I thought it was a boutique/store. Anyway, that’s an A for our effort hahaha! I was too tired to even bother to shop along Nathan Road (that’s what my parents did whil we were on Mody Road) so when we met up with them we told them that we should probably go to the airport already.

HK International Airport

It was just after lunch and our flight was later that night but we went anyway. Atleast we had time to rest. And that was probably the first time we really rested. We did some last minute shopping - I bought a Disneyland keychain for Joema. Sssh! Don't tell him I didn't buy it at Disneyland! Then we had dinner at Burger King after check-in. My brother almost lost his jacket when he left it at the x-ray screening right before you go to the waiting area. When he went to get it we forgot to take the tokens he bought at the Duty Free shop. Ohmigod! We were losing items one thing after the other. But we were getting them back so it's all good. I brought along a book so I wasn’t impatient waiting for the time. I was so engrossed with the book I didn’t realize we’re about to board the plane and leave HK already.

Awww! I hope to see you again!

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