Tuesday, December 04, 2007

$ $ $

I need extra cash because I have been saving up for something. Before, I usually help students with their Math subjects as their tutor. But I am not really into that. I only do it if someone asks me to or someone referred me. I don’t really seek out students who are having problems in Math. But now, I think I found an easy way to earn extra cash - while sitting at home in front of the PC and surfing the net. I recently signed up at PayPerPost. I first saw this from some of the blogs I read frequently and some that I just bump into. And all of them are happy with the income they are generating from PayPerPost. The deal is you write stuff about their advertisers and then they review your blogpost and then you get paid if you pass their requirements. You also need to sign-up for a PayPal account. Isn’t that easy? I get to blog and earn money. I guess the easy part comes with the option of choosing which subjects/items I can write about. Of course, I will always choose those things that I am familiar with or am interested in. I am actually excited. As their badge says “Get paid while blogging about the things you love”. Ka-ching!

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