Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's beginning.. look a lot like Christmas. We've finally set-up our Christmas tree this year. That is, after spending a few years without it. I think the last time we had it was in 2000 or 2001. Ever since my parents came back from living in the province, we haven't had a Christmas tree in our home. Christmas has been very different now with five adults (including our help) in the house. I remember when we where kids, we'll be very excited to wait up for twelve midnight and then open our presents from our parents and Santa Claus. Actually, we usually hear the midnight mass then come back home for the presents. When we were teenagers, we have our younger cousins come over to eat with us and open their presents with us. But they eventually grew up too. Now, more than ever, I really that Christmas is for children. It's really not that exciting for me anymore...because I don't get as many presents hahaha! Just kidding! The truth is now that I'm an adult, I feel the Christmas spirit once I buy the gifts for my family, relatives and friends. Because it is really that…sharing what you have. Anyways, aside from the Christmas tree we also bought new curtains and pillow cases to make our home more Christmas-y.

On other news, aside from my tell-tale signs that Christmas is around the corner our unit has also celebrated our Christmas party last Wednesday, even before the Trillanes brouhaha. My “mommy” gave me two books. Yippii!!! I was actually expecting just one in the list of five books that I gave so I was really happy to get two with a bookmark to boot! Oh, and my "baby" gave me Toblerone. =D

How about you, how do you know that Christmas is nearing? Do you attend Misa de Gallo? I was never able to finish the nine novena masses for this. I always end up missing one or two because of Christmas parties and dinner with friends. So I now I just don't go to any of the nine unless of course during the regular Sunday masses hehe.

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