Monday, December 10, 2007

It's All Good

Last Friday was Tita Percy's daughter's wedding and fortunately we were invited. Lorena and I went to make usyoso haha. It was both our first time to attend a wedding at Fernwood Garden. We left the office at 3pm because the invitation indicated 4pm as the start of the ceremony. We were there at 3:40! No traffic on a Friday from Ortigas to QC! Walastik! E kaso mo late nag-start ang ceremony so tagal namin nag-intay. As usual while waiting picture taking muna.

The procession of the entourage started at 5pm. But the bride walked down the aisle a few minutes before 5:30pm dahil sa dami ng entourage.

It was my second time to attend a Christian wedding but this was different from the first one. Dito, pagdating ng bride sa altar tinanong agad ng pastor yung "Do you accept this man/woman to be your husband/wife?" With Patrick and Heili's wedding I don't remember that being the first part. Or am I really that forgetful. Gosh! That was like four years ago lang nakalimutan ko na agad?!??! Back to the wedding, aside from that sa Christian wedding pala parang wala masyadong role ang principal sponsors. Unlike sa Catholic wedding where the principal sponsors are the ones, together with the parents, bless the union of the couple. Dun sa wedding na yun parang in-acknowledge lang nung pastor yung principal sponsors and thanked them for being ninong/ninang. Aside from the exchange of vows, the couple also said some things to honor their parents. Syempre medyo nangilid ang luha ko when Iriz mentioned Tita Percy.

The reception was fun. Aside from the fact that it was then that we got to eat hehehe, may audio-visual presentation that tells the story of the couple and also yung hotel preps and some snippets from the ceremony and reception itself. They also had games. May "Bring Me" which asks for the guests to bring something related to the love story of the couple kaya medyo madali hulaan kung anong ipapakuha nila. Na-coach ko pa si Lorena na yung next na itatanong was dirver's license because the couple's first date was at LTO hehe. Binigay tuloy nya sa kin yung prize nya. =D They also had "Love It + Hate It" game. They chose 5 couples to participate and the couples had to answer love it or hate it depending on the question pero syempre they have to have the same answer. Tita Julie and Tito Philip almost won.

Sayang! They did not get the last question "Does your wife love or hate whipped cream in bed?" Hate it sagot ni Tita Julie while Tito Philip answered love it. Then Ms. Aggie, being a ninang, said a few things for the couple. She said that their marriage lasted for 30 years (their wedding anniversary is this Dec 17) because in those 30 years, every time they said "I love you" they follow it up with a question "Are you happy?" She said that you should always seek your partner's happiness because in his/her happiness you will find your own. Basta something to that effect which is really true noh. You will be happy if your partner is happy. Sabay giving emphasis to the pastor's sermon na "It's good" kasi daw si Lord when he made this earth (Genesis) at the end of every day he would say "It's good." It's all good. Anyway, when Ms. Aggie mentioned that its also their anniversary, the host asked her husband to get in front and they were asked tokiss each other for 10 seconds. Pero more than 10 seconds pa yon kasi super bagal magbilang 10....9.... tapos sa dulo 2...2...2... di na ata natapos. =P

Here's wishing that Iriz and Don's marriage will also last more than 30 years! I know that will make Tita Percy happy.

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