Wednesday, December 05, 2007

SanFo Treats

I've been missing Grace lately. One of the reasons for this, I think, is that I'm envious Joel will be seeing her this Saturday. He's going to the States for a one month vacation. He was insisting that we should throw him a despedida. We didn't cave in although Gary and I met up with him for dinner yesterday. It was supposed to be last Thursday but because of the attempted coup Joel wasn't able to make it.

Anyway last night we parted ways by 9pm. It's either we're all getting old for late night-outs or because it's an ordinary weekday and they (Joel and Gary) both have to go home from Makati to Fairview. With the long ride home and throw in the traffic jam caused by the Christmas rush it was understandable they wanted to go home early. The two hours worth of tsismis was enough to satiate the tsismosa in me hihihi.

Anyways, back to Grace. I bought her a DVD copy of A Love Story. I should have bought it over the weekend, instead of just yesterday during lunch time, so that I could have watched it before giving it to Joel harhar. Joel got a bit worried when he saw it because he will be bringing two copies with him - one for Grace and the other one for his cousin. He said he might be suspected of selling the DVDs there. I hope not. Grace was also asking me to buy her polvoron from Goldilocks but Joel didn't want to bring any food with him. Aside from this, she asked me if I can buy her disposable contact lenses. She gave me her grade as +3.25 and +2.75. The two optical shops I went to told me that they still have to order it (because of the "+") and it will take a week before I get them. When I told her this this morning, she apparently gave me the wrong grade and it doesn't have to be "+". Anyways, she also asked me if she can have my financial calculator. She said that Texas Instruments is not making those models anymore. They are releasing new ones and Grace is not comfortable using the new models. So I will be stuck with the new model and she with the old. I'm okay with that because she's giving me seasons 1 and 2 of Prison Break plus DVD coy of 300. Double yay! I'm so happy! I wish Joel would come back home soon so that I can have the DVDs already hehe. But I'm still envious they'll be seeing each other even for just one or two days. They will be meeting up in San Francisco, that's Joel's first stop in the US.

I should really apply for a US visa. One reason to go there next year is Karen's wedding. Ooooh I hope I have enough money!

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