Sunday, December 16, 2007

We're Engaged!

I can't get over the fact that we're actually engaged. Huwaw ganon pala feeling non. We've been talking about getting married pero iba pala talaga when you finally hear those words asking you to marry him. Hay!

Yesterday was supposed to be our housewarming party for Mands. Kaso nag-backout si Steve cause he was sick, then si Jose had practice for their Christmas party presentation, Charline and Allan had to beg off na rin cause super trouble for them to commute from the south all the way to Commonwealth, si Penny nagback-out na rin dahil may family lunch pala sila. So yes my original plans didn't push through kaya I told Joema he can come by the house na lang dahil wala akong gagawin. Ayaw pa nya nung una dahil originally dapat today kami magkikita 16th (kaya pala gustong sa monthsary makipagkita). Anyways, so yon he got here around 2pm dahil he had to meet his brother pa in SM North.

We were kissing and fooling around (haha naughty!) when he suddenly stopped and reached for a red box. Ohmygas! This is it!

Me: Seryoso ko ba? (when he handed me the box)
We hugged then I started crying.
Joema: Marry me. (It sounded like a statement to me, not a question)
More crying from me. And hugging. And kissing.
Joema: Gusto ko palagi na tayo magkasama.
Crying. Hugging. Kissing. Crying. More crying. Exchanging of I-love-you's. Crying still.
Joema: Nililigawan palang kita alam ko gusto na kita pakasalan. (Awwww!)
Crying. Hugging. Kissing. More crying. Crying pa rin. Exchanging of I-love-you's. Buckets of tears.
Until he finally said:
Joema: Hindi ka pa sumasagot...
Cris: Yes (and still crying!)

Tinanong pa nya kung nagustuhan ko yung ring dahil di ko pa agad sinuot. E pano naman busy ako kakaiyak noh! hahaha! The ring was a bit big so I'm earing it now in my middle finger. We'll have it resized this coming week.

In my pambahay after the proposal. Fcuk you!

Watching Vacancy after the proposal. (pangit ng kamay ko!)

Wrapping Christmas gifts after the proposal.

I've imagined of elaborate and grand proposals pero this was just perfect. It's so him and so us. Steady lang sa house and just the two of us.

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karen said...

AWWW!!!! Congrats Joema! So happy for you Cristeta!

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