Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Movies

Over the weekend I watched three movies, no make that four, if we’re counting Unfaithful shown at Studio23.

First up was Jumper, watched it last Friday at Trinoma. Before we headed there, we had dinner at Amici, Tomas Morato. We had dinner for FREE! Can you believe that? They gave us money to eat there. We didn’t spend a dime! Well, the ones who bought their cars paid for valet parking but that’s different. We’re so happy with the food I forgot to bring out my camera for pictures. We had pasta, pizza and gelato for dessert. Yum yum!

Back to Jumper…Hayden Christensen is so cute!!! And yummy too!! Hahaha. I didn’t even like him as Anakin in Star Wars. But he’s super duper cute in Jumper that I get all giddy just watching him. And I think I wouldn’t even like the movie if it wasn’t him in the lead role. The story was blah, his leading lady was pa-cute in the maarte kind of way – I hate her and it doesn’t help that they’re together in real life blech! Here are two quotes from Jose *spoiler alert* :

* During the scene where Hayden just "jumps" from one part of the couch to the other just to be near the remote control instead of reaching for it… Jose: Ang daya buti hindi sya tumataba.

* Me: Bakit sabi hindi sila maka-jump pag may electricity running through their brains…bakit nung nasa dulo nagawa nyang magjump? So ibig sabihin if you will it, you can still do it? Jose: It’s love!

Wahahahaha! I had fun watching the film, had fun watching Hayden.

Next was Hairspray, watched it with Joema. Well, he watched half-way through it and then slept during the other half. Poor guy was so sleepy and tired after an afternoon of wedding related errands. Hairspray is okay, I guess. I think the movie is more for kids and tweeners. If you love High School Musical then watch Hairspray.

The last movie I watched was Across the Universe. And I loved it! It’s a musical and all the songs used are Beatles songs. I feel like crying every time they sing. Ewan ko ba kung bakit. It’s also set in the 1960’s (like Hairspray). It was the love story of the two main characters during the Vietnam war. 1960’s is such an interesting decade. I guess I started loving it when we had our 1960's themed Christmas party. I did the video for our presentation and totally learned a lot about the 60’s although mostly where about the United States. Here's the video for our Christmas party presentation. I totally ripped off the idea from here and got the highlights of 1960's from here. I used the Windows Movie Maker and had so much fun doing this. (I know this is totally OT from the title of my post but what the heck!)

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