Friday, March 14, 2008

Doctor Doctor I am Sick

I just got back from the doctor for the interpretation of the bloodwork, urinalysis and x-rays done for my annual physical exam administered here at the office. She said I had high triglyceride. But this is the same result from my APE last year and based on my record I was told to get another blood test after two months but I did not return. (Read: Kasalanan ko na hindi ako bumalik) I told her nobody called me to remind me. Sabi nya hindi na daw ako kailangan tawagan para bumalik dapat daw ako ang bumalik. Anyways, I then remembered that I DID return for another blood test and I told her the results was sent to my office but of course, I can not interpret it on my own. Then she proceeded by telling me that this time I should return after a month but I have to follow a strict diet - no meat, only fish and vegetables (if I want meat chicken breast without the skin), no oily and fatty foods. She explained that if after a month and the results are the same then I would have to take medicines - for life! Argh!

Now, I'm upset. I don't know if I'm upset because of what she said (i-threaten ka ba naman na pwede ka ma-stroke bigla at such a young age noh!) or because of my argument with her. Kasi naman in the middle of her explanation sabi ko "Ay hindi ako papayag! Basta bumalik ako for blood test!" Ahahahaha. Bad trip! Hay naku!


liz said...

ganun., nakow take care na din sis hehe yung ofcemate ko na stroke dati as in 20+ lang din siya hehe tinakot pa kita no hehe..

hay ako din takot din sa results. We had APE last week..careful din nga ako kasi may family history kami sa heart wah.

cris said...

Hay katakot! Eto sumusunod naman ako...nasusuka na nga ako sa puro gulay e. Although nung weekend may pinuntahan akong handaan kaya napakain pa rin ng pork harhar.

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