Monday, March 24, 2008


No not the local channel...PTV as in Phoeben Teocson Videography. Our wedding photographer is offering a promo..they're giving a 10k discount on their basic+on site AVP package to the first 10 couples who will book them under their new name.

Bim and his team were formerly known as Playback Videos. haha Can't help it...I thought of 'the artist formerly known as Prince'. Bim, you should be known...Phoeben Teocson formerly known as Playback Videos. Corny! Anyways, their style is very unobtrusive and you wouldn't even know that they're there filming your wedding. Plus since they are a bunch of young guys (I've only met Bim but I'm assuming other members of his team are around his age), their editing style is very hip and cool. Here's a confession: I watch their videos at the office (super bagal kasi ng connection dito sa bahay) and usually I mute the volume of my PC. Ganon na lang ako kabilib sa videos niya na kahit walang music e naantig pa rin ako. Naks! Lalim non ah. Another plus is that Bim is also about to get married so he's in the same shoes as any other engaged couples out there. In short, alam niya kung anong hinahanap at hahanapin ng mga couples. I remember what he said when we met him na okay daw kung iiyak yung groom dahil maganda sa video. Hay naku natumbok nya! Aside from shots of the bride (me!) syempre I want to see in our video (and photos as well) yung reaction ni Joema when I'm walking down the aisle to meet him. Minsan palang namin na-meet ni Joema si Bim but we were both at ease talking with him. Inside joke lang namin na Joema since both our videographer and photographer are skinhead na yun yung requirement namin...kumbaga testimony of being a true artist yung pagiging skinhead. Dapat daw either skinhead or long hair haha. Now if only we have the budget for an additional photo montage.


bim said...

di naman ako skinhead ah! ;p hehe..salamat sa pag-advertise sa promo namin ha.. =)

cris said...

huh? hindi ba? basta kung anuman tawag sa hairdo nyo ni jayson yun na yon haha no problemo sana mapuno nyo agad yung 10 slots :D

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