Monday, March 31, 2008

Friends' Weddings

There's no doubt I love Friends. Here's a list of the weddings (of the main characters) done in the entire 10 seasons of the TV series.

1. Rachel's wedding


Of course, Rachel didn't push through with the wedding. She realized she wasn't in love with Barry, the orthodontist. So she ran away. This is actually on the pilot episode of Friends.

2. Ross and Emily's wedding

The fateful wedding of Ross where he said Rachel's name instead of Emily's. This is also when Monica and Chandler started hooking up (well, technically they did it the night of the rehearsal dinner). I love the romantic setting of Ross and Emily's ceremony venue. The cathedral has sentimental value to Emily because this is where her parents got married. But a few days before her own wedding, the place was torn down because of renovations. Instead of postponing the wedding, they had it in the middle of the ruins and put on Christmas lights and candles everywhere.

3. Ross and Rachel's wedding

The "world's worst hangover" as Rachel puts it. Well, it was all a drunken mistake. They were all in Las Vegas and Ross and Rachel got drunk and was stupid enough to get married. It was Chandler and Monica who were "planning" to get married but were put off when they saw Ross and Rachel at the chapel.

4. Chandler and Monica's wedding

I was more excited in Monica's wedding preparations than their actual wedding. She had "the book" which she kept ever since she was a teenager. Her book had all the things you need to know in preparing for a wedding from the centerpieces to the wedding gowns. I actually love their engagement story (the proposal) more than their wedding. I cry everytime I watch that episode.

5. Mike and Phoebe's wedding

This is the wedding I love the most. From the snowstorm (yeah I thought it was so romantic to get married outside Central Perk with all the snow), to the wedding march (The Beatles' Here, There, Everywhere), to the entourage's gowns, Phoebe's wedding gown (it's so Phoebe, the wedding gown not being white), to the wedding vows(I loved it when she said Mike's her family). It was such a heartwarming wedding. I always end up crying whenever I watch this episode (like the proposal of Chandler to Monica).

It would have been wonderful to see Ross and Rachel get married. But the writers probably thought against it as it would have been so predictable. And out of all the characters it was Joey didn't marry from the start to the end of the series. Well, I guess if he has gotten married they wouldn't have the spin-off.


Anonymous said...

hi cris,

either i'm going to ask one of the coordinators or entourage to do the photo-taking, kasi baka magulo if i just leave the camera there, people will take it and use it anywhere!

anyway your idea of using disposable cameras should be ok, guests can use this on their own, you don't have to ask someone to do it for them.

hth! :)


cris said...

ah ok. sige i'll think about that. polaroid vs. disposable cameras. hmm..

Anonymous said...

oh, polaroid may come out more expensive kasi they've stopped production this year ata.

thanks for the link, will add you too.


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